The Metropolis is committed to ensuring its local authorities have the right to digital experimentation. This goal is aimed at improving public policies and ensures that new digital solutions are well adapted to the needs of communities and citizens.

The experiments to be conducted by the local authorities, with the support of the Greater Paris Metropolis, provide an initial response to the major challenges of the Metropolitan Digital Development Plan (SMAN). If successful, they could be generalised or even extended across the Metropolis.

To this end, the Metropolis has set up the Metropolitan Innovation and Digital Fund (FMIN) as an investment lever to support the digital transition in the municipalities and territories of the Metropolis and the launch of new innovation projects in the city.

The Greater Paris Metropolis also supports collective intelligence. Therefore, the FMIN provides higher amounts of funding for projects that involve pooling between several local authorities.

By federating actors and energies around experiments, the Metropolis hopes to create digital commons, for example in the areas of e-administration, parking or logistics.

Since November 2018, 67 projects have been supported under the FMIN for a total amount of €2.2 million, for 44 local authorities (38 municipalities and 6 territories).