Quartiers Métropolitains d'Innovation : 6 new disctricts in the Quartiers Métropolitains d'Innovations programme

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The 2nd edition of the Quartiers Métropolitains d'Innovation programme has reached a new stage with the announcement of six new winning municipalities. Initiated by the Greater Paris Metropolis and co-hosted by Paris&Co, this programme aims to promote urban experimentation as a means of improving public action.

For 18 months, volunteer local authorities will be supported in the deployment, monitoring, evaluation and promotion of their projects, with the aim of developing innovative solutions for the ecological and social transition. Thirty innovative, high-impact solutions are already being tested in four local authorities in the metropolitan area.

Les solutions lauréates de la première édition

Quartiers Métropolitains d'Innovation

Supported by the Greater Paris Metropolis since 2023, the Quartiers Métropolitains d'Innovation (QMI) programme creates synergies between entrepreneurs, major companies, local elected representatives, public officials and users, in order to develop innovative projects in areas at the heart of everyday life for metropolitan residents, such as mobility, adapting to climate change, the energy transition, improving public spaces, and the circular economy.

The winning municipalities of the 2nd QMI promotion

Six new municipalities have signed up to the Quartiers Métropolitains d'Innovation programme, joining the four previous winners : 

  • Argenteuil (95) (maire : Georges MOTHRON)
  • Athis-Mons (91), (maire : Jean-Jacques GROUSSEAU)
  • Aubervilliers (93), (maire : Karine FRANCLET)
  • Fontenay-sous-Bois (94), (maire : Jean-Philippe GAUTRAIS)
  • Issy-les-Moulineaux (92), (maire : André SANTINI)
  • Sucy-en-Brie (94), (maire : Olivier TRAYAUX)

The municipalities in the Quartiers Métropolitains d'Innovation programme will benefit from enhanced support over the 18 months of the programme, with :

  • A learning path consisting of modules led by Paris&Co, aimed at developing the skills needed to successfully carry out urban innovation projects.
  • A territorial diagnosis is carried out in collaboration with the Institut Paris Région to better understand local issues and adapt the solutions tested.
  • Support in setting up and monitoring relationships with project promoters, as well as legal engineering assistance to guarantee the feasibility of projects.
  • Help in evaluating and measuring the impact of the projects tested, to quantify the spin-offs of these initiatives.
  • Support for visibility and international outreach, giving winning projects worldwide recognition.



Les 10 communes du programme Quartiers Métropolitains d'Innovation

"After 18 months of comprehensive support for four pioneering municipalities, the Greater Paris Metropolis is delighted to welcome six new Metropolitan Innovation Districts. With a comprehensive, integrated, and sustainable approach to urban development, the programme provides concrete, long-term support for the transformation of these communities. By supporting the deployment and multiplication of tried and tested solutions, it is also helping to accelerate and perpetuate the culture of urban experimentation to build an innovative Metropolis", comments Patrick Ollier, President of the Greater Paris Metropolis.

"The Quartiers Métropolitains d'Innovation programme represents 18 months of full-scale testing for local residents. These experiments are beneficial for everyone, the city, the residents and the start-ups that the Greater Paris Metropolis is supporting in a spirit of facilitation, while leaving the mayors free to define the areas suitable for experimentation" adds Geoffroy Boulard, Vice-President of the Greater Paris Metropolis responsible for communication and digital innovation.

"Paris&Co's unique and recognised approach is in line with the objectives of the Greater Paris Metropolis in terms of innovation to create more sustainable, resilient cities that serve their residents. We are delighted to be able to extend this dynamic to 10 municipalities. Alongside our partners and entrepreneurs, they are helping to form a community committed to transforming the way we do things, making them more concrete, cooperative, and creative," adds Céline Steiger, Head of Experimentation at Paris&Co.